We are proud to be associated with Jiza’s Edutainment Zone and Kurukshetra to present the ICONIC TROPHY, an Esports tournament, one of its kind. The pivotal event is scheduled in Mumbai from the first week of April, and the finals would be played on 1st of May after four qualifiers to be played on each Sunday starting from 9th of April. A battle to be fought between 64 teams and 320 participants for CG: GO and Dota2 games. What differentiates it from the other tournaments is the fact that it aims at improving the Esports culture in India; motivating and encouraging the new talent in India to take their mantle in this Professional field which is still treated as a child play. This is identical to Goutfits’ motto where we urge to develop the Esports awareness in Indian scenario and provide the Gamers with top-notch accessories that they require in addition to their equipment.

As a gesture of gratitude towards the Gaming community, the organizers have sponsored some upcoming teams, having requisite talent but no support to play and make a name out of the game. Currently, they have sponsored two teams of CS: GO and Dota2 each and they plan to add some more teams in the future. On the launch of the event held on 2nd of April pro teams Brutality and Dare 2 Dream came forward to support the ICONIC TROPHY event and interacted with the players to provide them with tips and guide them for improving their gameplay. Let us wait for more updates of the event starting from Sunday.