Goutfits’ CSGO has been qualified to Rs. 20,00,000 event, Indian Esports Championship. The event is scheduled to be in Mumbai from 11th to 13th November in Pheonix Market City Mall, Mumbai.

Goutfits’ CS:GO team is led by the Calcutta’s top known counter strike veteran, Raju Chanda. He has been prominently known in the scene for over 10 years and by rightly leading his team Goutfits. He has proven to be one of those consistent players who always secure their name in the headlines.

We are now emerging into one of the top eSports organization of the country and the name Goutfits is already widely known in the country. Goutfits has been appreciated by the community veterans who see potential in the team and wish them to see the team going forward and doing wonders.

Goutfits’ CSGO division is right now led by Raj Chanda along with his 6 years old mate, Soubhik Saha, with whom they dominated the CS Scene in Calcutta.

Meet the lineup:

Team Goutfits

  • Raju 'VetoN' Chanda ©
  • Biswadeep 'V1cE_' Das
  • Soubhik 'ToRR3.z' Saha
  • Souvik 'LucKY' Paul
  • Sagnik 'hellfightR' Roy
  • Phillip ‘Reborn ‘ Wallenberg

Goutfits is right now venturing into building this eSports organization the very best we ever had in Calcutta. Right now Goutfits is in tryout phase for their DotA 2 squad and we’ll soon be aiming towards acquiring players if FIFA, NFS and Overwatch in near 2017.